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In 1997 Vladimir M Petrovic and Prof Russell (Sam) Luxton formed DADANCO Pty Ltd in Adelaide, South Australia. In the late 90's and early 2000's DADANCO was awarded many awards around the world and had become a leading Energy Efficient HVAC solution provider in Australia.

Mestek, Inc. of Westfield, MA in USA and Dadanco Pty Ltd of Adelaide, Australia have formed a joint venture in 2007 to produce and market active chilled beams, induction units and induction diffusers for the North, Central and South American markets.

In 2012, MESTEK inc. bought out the JV from DADANCO Pty Ltd and had become a sole owner of the subject IP. As he led the company to an ultimate leadership position of Active Chilled Beams suppliers in USA at the end of 2014, Vladimir M Petrovic founded DADANCO EUROPE to lead its operations in commercialising the DADANCo technology in Europe.

In January 2015 DADANCO EUROPE was formed by its founder, Vladimir M Petrovic and it aquired an exclusive license from DADANCo a MESTEK Company to manufacture DADANCO range of products.


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