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Eurovent Certification certifies the performance ratings of air-conditioning and refrigeration products according to European and international standards.

The objective is to build up customer confidence by levellingthe competitive playing field for all manufacturers and by increasing the integrity and accuracy of the industrial performance ratings.

For us the Eurovent Certification programmes offer the ground for a fair competition, on equal terms and based on comparable data.

We are proud to announce our Granted Eurovent Certificate for the Chilled Beams Certification Programme.


DADANCO EUROPE, the leading manufacturer of active chilled beams, provides technical expertise and intelligent solutions with significant benefits to building owners and their representatives in the commercial property market in Europe.

DADANCO EUROPE applies integrated quality management system as follows: Research and development, sales, procurement, customer relationship (customer service) and application engineering in the field of energy saving in the HVAC systems for the construction industry.

For the purpose of continuous improvement DADANCO EUROPE implemented integrated quality management system according to the requirements of Standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Our policy of the integrated quality management system is based on the following elements that are fundamental to our values and core competencies:

  • Adherence to and compliance with all standards, laws and regulations in the process of development, and service provision which are the core of our business activity ;
  • Continuous improvement of all business processes, according to our own requirements and expectations as well as of our customers and other stakeholders, as well as permanent monitoring and improvement of the customer satisfaction level ;
  • Providing professional development, coaching and training to employees;
  • Developing strategic partnerships with our suppliers and subcontractors;
  • Identification and stringent management of all environmental aspects and potential risks to the safety and health at our workplace;
  • Promote environmental awareness to employees and work in an environmentally responsible manner;
  • Systematic risk management and application of measures for the risk prevention and reduction that would have a negative environmental, safety or health impact to the organisation or its employees;

In Belgrade, 10.13.2016.


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