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Induction Unit Refurbishment

Rather than just simply replacing old, inefficient units with like for like, by upgrading to DADANCO EUROPE’s HEPIU High Efficiency Perimeter Induction Units that utilize DADANCO EUROPE’s induction nozzle technology, building owners can significantly improve the performance, energy efficiency and comfort level of the HVAC system with minimal changes to the existing infrastructure. Now cooling by PIU systems can be a Green solution.

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Dadanco Europe - Active Chilled Beams “ACB”

DADANCO EUROPE Active Chilled Beams (ACB) are terminal outlets that use the energy conveyed by two fluid streams (air & water) to achieve the required sensible cooling or heating in a space. ACB’s work by using ducted primary air from the central plant to induce room air across a heat exchanger contained within the beam. By pumping chilled water (typically 13°C to 18°C) through the heat exchanger, heat is removed from the space as room air is induced across the heat exchanger.

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DADANCO EUROPE’s Inffuser, when used with low primary supply air temperatures, offers an opportunity to improve both the energy efficiency and comfort level of variable air volume systems, as well as in other conventional HVAC system types, with minimal changes to the existing infrastructure.

INFFUSERs increase the amount of air being delivered to the room by utilizing DADANCO EUROPE’s special nozzle technology to induce secondary air into the Inffuser, where it is mixed with the primary air, before being discharged into the space.

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DADANCO offers a wide range of standard options and accessories to compliment the product range available. Chilled beam options include coil connections and flexible hoses, condensation sensors, 6-way valves and sophisticated wireless controls. Induction Unit accessories range from simple CAR dampers (pressure independent Constant Airflow Regulators) to full replacement enclosures for perimeter units.

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DADANCO EUROPE is not just another product supplier, but is a valued member of the design process where genuine value is added. To this end, DADANCO EUROPE can provide Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Dynamic Building Energy Simulation along with intelligent product selection software which creates BIM (Building Integration Modeling) that plugs directly into Revit MEP. Furthermore, DADANCO EUROPE’s test and demonstration facilities fully support the company’s solution approach to HVAC engineering.

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